A Place Without Walls

Eoin Moylan, 2013

A Place Without Walls is a collection of photographs by Eoin Moylan.

Eoin Moylan is an Irish photographer working with analogue techniques, focusing on themes such as memory, imagination, and patterns of human behaviour derived thereof. He is currently on scholarship at the Institute of European Design, Madrid, studying a Masters in Fine Art Photography.

His first project A Place Without Walls focuses on a particular beach in Wicklow, Ireland. This body of work identifies a place that lies between reality and fantasy, a place that lives in a collective subconscious. It represents a place to escape to, where the boundaries of reality are bent by our own imagining. Where memory indulges and the imagination hides.

This project has been printed and bound as a handmade limited edition book of 30 copies. For enquiries contact mail@stoneyroadpress.com.

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