Experiments with Photography - Stoney Road Press & PhotoIreland Festival

Experiments with Photography - Stoney Road Press & PhotoIreland Festival

Dates: 1 Jul - 31 Jul
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm, Sat 13th - 11am to 4pm, Closed Sun

This July Stoney Road Press will be hosting the exhibition Experiments With Photography as part of the 2013 PhotoIreland Festival. The exhibition highlights the work of three artists who have worked at Stoney Road Press and used photography as a means or an end in their work:

Amelia Stein’s unique photographic tribute to her mother, LOSS AND MEMORY is on the face of it, the most straightforward photographic work in the exhibition. The real challenge was to find a way to bend the traditional giclée (digital reproduction) process to capture the deep velvety blacks of her traditional photographs, a characteristic essential to the success of this series of prints.

Ameila Stein, Loss and Memory

Amelia Stein, Loss and Memory V, 2010, Giclée

Dorothy Cross combines photography with etching to make her unique images.  In TEAR she uses her own dramatic photographs of breaking waves and combines these with an image from a traditional steel engraving to produce this intriguing set of images.  In GHOST SHIP she uses the photographic image combined with luminescent ink to produce photographs which quite literally, glow in the dark.

Dorothy Cross, Tear (ii), 2009, Intaglio

Dorothy Cross, Ghost Ship (ii), 2011, Luminescent etching

Sara Lee uses photography as a springboard to make her atmospheric woodblock prints.  She reduces and distills her own photographs before etching them and then combines them with two further printings from woodblocks.  The unique characteristcs of the grain of the wood become fused with the photographic image, further extending its meaning.

Sara Lee, Passage Through

Sara Lee, Passage Through, 2013, Woodblock & Intaglio

This exhibition offers a unique insight into the printing process at Stoney Road Press and illustrates the many ways photography can be translated into printed editions.

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