Four Squares by Ronnie Tallon - Exhibition Launch Thurs 5th Sept

Four Squares by Ronnie Tallon - Exhibition Launch Thurs 5th Sept

This Thursday 5th September at 6pm Stoney Road Press will be launching a new box set of prints by Ronnie Tallon.

Square 5, intaglio, 2013

Four Squares is a limited edition set of eight etchings, hand-printed on Somerset paper in an edition of fifty copies, numbered and signed by the artist. The exhibition will be opened by Shane O'Toole and will run until October 6th.

I have been obsessed with the simplicity of the square from my earlier days as a practicing architect. I realised then that most buildings inevitably need to expand, to grow in a natural way, where the expanded structure retained an expression of entity. Various efforts at realising this necessity led me to developing a multi-cellular system of building based on a square – the most logical structural form, capable of expansion equally on all four sides, capable of expansion horizontally and vertically, capable of creating ever evolving space as expressed by Max Bill in his teachings at the Bauhaus. This theory was applied to the design for Galway University using concrete structure and with steel structure in the design of the Carroll Cigarette Factory at Dundalk, now adapted for educational use by the Dundalk Institute of Technology. The Carroll building expresses the freedom possible within the discipline of a rigid structural logic. This obsession with the square has inadvertently persisted within my more abstract drawings, allowing me extraordinary freedom of expression with the discipline of the square. It allows me to explore within very definite limits. This set of images is from a series based on four squares.

Ronnie Tallon, 2013

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