Perspex box frames








Perspex box frames are a great alternative to conventional framing, with a very cutting edge contemporary feel. There are two main types of perspex box with pros and cons for each.

The folded perspex box has the edges of the box folded or bent down and has the advantage of being very strong. A disadvantage is that the edges tend to catch the light and wher the two folds meet to form a corner a 'birds beak' is created in the folding process. The corner itself can also be quite gappy.

The glued perspex box is made up of a lid with four sides all of which have to be glued together with a special clear glue. This can show up small bubbles it the joint but are usually small and not a distraction. This method of making perspex box frames while good has a disadvantage it that large frames can be a little weak and must be handled with care not to damage them. Another aspect of gluing the sides is that they can be made of another material like an opaque acylic which can give an interesting look.

The base of these frames can be made from a very rigid foamex of a sub frame with a foamcore on top, both can be seen through the side wall of the frame and so are usually painted white.

Artisan  perspex boxs are available in  'A sizes' and can be custom made to any size.


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