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Photographs vary hugely from different types of paper to different finishes, matt, semi gloss, gloss pearl all mean that there is a lot to contend with. At Artisan Frames we work very hard to get the right frame for each kind of photograph that we encounter.
Included in this are standard window mount frames and Box frames , but further than this we also supply the following..

Framing digital art paper Gicleé Prints
When framing works on paper like digital art photographs or gicleé prints, great care needs to be taken as the can scuff very easily particularly on the blacks. Cold mounting will help to keep the paper flat and take the curl out of it. Window mouts are good to keep the work flat witout having to stick the work down permantly. An alternative is to raise and float the piece in a box frame.

Perspex boxes
Our Perspex box’s are made from a very durable acrylic and are assembled by carefully gluing each part together to make up the box. All the edges are polished and the holes are countersunk. There is a 10mm Foamex base which gives great rigidity and strength. It is also possible to produce a Perspex box with opaque sides and to any depth.

Di Bond
A very popular method of presenting photographs and print work is to cold mount the paper onto Di-Bond. Di-Bond is a material which is made up of a plastic centre and a metal surfaces top and bottom.
The usual method is to put split battens behind the di-bond which allows the work to hang raised off the wall.
It is also possible to laminate a solid piece of 10mm Perspex to the front of the work which helps to protect the surface and gives a very clear viewing due to increased magnification and light.

Like Di-bond, Foamex is used in exactly the same way but is much thicker usually 10mm and is available in many colours though most people stick to black or white.

Often called Kappa board; this product is very light weight. It is not really suitable to present by its self as it is very soft but is great to stick photographs to, ensuring that there are no wrinkles or cockling in the paper when mounted. Our foamcor is acid free.


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