Speciality Glass

There are now a great choice of glass on the market for framing pictures varying wildly in price and quality. Understanding the difference can be quite difficult and is a question we are often asked. So below we have outlined some of the choices available and the differences between them.

Float Glass
This is regular glass the name being derived from the way in which its made, its about 2mm in thickness and is reflective but inexpensive.
Size 1220mm x 1830mm

Diffused Glass
This is the "non Reflective" glass most picture framers offer and is maginally thicker and more expensive glass. It is diffused which means it has a shot blasted quality to it.
Pro: It works well when placed near to the artwork and will diffuse the light. Inexpensive and available in large sizes. 1220mm x 1830mm.
Con: The diffused quality of this glass means a loss in clarity when viewing the image. Not suitable for box frames because it looks foggy when placed at a distance from the image.

This is a clear non reflective glass. Unlike diffused glass this glass has a very low iron content which takes away the geenish quality of regular glass. It is not a full museum quality glass as it does'nt have a very high UV protection rating. Atisan Frames is the official supplier of Claryl glass in Ireland.
Pro: Great clarity and very low reflective light. Moderately priced and very good when framing dark works.
Con: Low UV content and currently only available in half sheet sizes in Ireland.

Shott Mirogard
This is a full museum standard glass being very clear with a low Iron content and maximum UV protection for sensitive art works. Den Glass was the previous name for this glass.
There are a few products in this range but the most popular are Shott miroguard Water white AR and AR plus. The AR stands for anti reflective.
Pro: Top quality museum standard glass, very clear, fully protected and non reflective.
Con: Very expensive, there can also be a purple tone of UV reflected light in some lighting condiditions.
Sheet size :1220mm x 1720mm.

Tru Vue
Like shott miroguard this is a museum standard glass and again there are a few products in the range.
The most popular of which are museum glass, which is fully non reflective and UV protected. Conservation clear which is not non reflective but is fully UV protected.
Pro: Good quality museum standard glass, very clear, fully protected and non reflective.
Con: Very expensive and this product can scratch very easily.



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